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Education: The cornerstone of our mission.

Life Associates and The Center For Managing By Values® educational offerings, include intensive workshops, free webinars and other resources that cover a range of topics from Managing By Values® to leadership development and personal effectiveness. We strive to arm participants with practical tools that they can put to use immediately to effect positive change in their lives and their organizations.

Our webinars provide a good introduction to the topic in a one-hour online segment. We provide them as a free service, so all you need to do is register and log on at the appointed time.

Our workshops are one-day sessions personally facilitated by Dr. Michael O'Connor. A dynamic teacher and trainer, Dr. O'Connor delves deeply into the subject matter, using handouts and practical exercises, and providing individual attention to ensure that participants have a solid grasp of the material. A second, optional day offers the opportunity for one-on-one consultation with Dr. O'Connor.

Workshops are conducted in Naples, FL and New York City. If you are unable to attend a workshop at its scheduled time and location, we can arrange to conduct the workshop at your own facility. Contact Us for more information.

Webinars and Workshops Offered:

Unleashing The Invisible Motivator For Better Results!

Within the last twenty five years, the focus on personal values among people has become increasingly more significant for understanding and being more successful both personally and with others in our work and non-work lives. And, yet here are the facts that most people both don't know and, therefore, are not tapping to unleash this 'invisible motivator' for better results for ourselves, with others, and for our organizations!

  1. Most people do not understand the variety of values among people and therefore have limited success dealing with those whose values differ from theirs
  2. Many people are not clear about their personal values and, as a result, self-limit their own personal satisfaction and success
  3. The current faddish interest in Gen X, Gen Y, and other descriptors of today's personal values perspectives as well as how to personally and organizationally deal with these emerging generations include dangerous misunderstandings as well as recommendations for both individuals with these generational values as well as their organizations
In this webinar, Dr. Michael O'Connor will share his insights, research, and practical tips for getting better results with the variety of individual values types. Dr. O'Connor has co-authored books on this subject (The Leader Within, Mysteries of Motivation) as well as other practical tools. Among his credits is the 'What You Are Is' audio album he co-authored with Dr. Morris Massey in this area and his on-line Personal Values Analysis assessment and development system.

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Performance Coaching for Survival and Success

No one likes settling for less, but many organizations are doing just that. Its not from a lack of effort, but many organizations are seeing sub-optimal business results because of limited or ineffective coaching practices. In fact, a variety of studies have shown that coaching increases the impact of training alone by 50% to 73%!

Join us for this powerful Training Industry Webinar, sponsored by Life Associates, as we pinpoint the challenges and offer practical solutions. In this highly engaging webinar, two recognized experts in the field, Dr. Michael O'Connor and Lamar Hamilton, will share with you insights from their Coaching for Business Survival & Success Seminar & Keynote Presentations.

At this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why coaching is critical for ongoing business success.
  • Eight characteristics of high performance coaches.
  • How to coach others for better performance.
  • How to differentiate degrees of coachable talent.
  • How to manage and develop talent.
Neither you, nor your team, can afford to miss this free webinar. Register today for this engaging, interactive program.

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The Single Best Investment You Can Make Right now

Research has proven that strong, adaptable companies outperform their counterparts by more than 500% over a 10-year period, in terms of revenue growth, net income and stock price. Highly adaptable employees also consistently outpace others, and in the end their co-workers, customers and the entire organization benefits.

The truth is, most employees are not adaptable and many corporate change efforts needlessly generate sub-optimal results. But that's a problem that can change for the better:
  • You could put into action the single best predictor for ongoing individual and organizational success.
  • You could have clear, powerful and practical actions that you can apply immediately.
  • You could see better sustained results instantly, for yourself, your workforce and your organization.
Find out how adaptability is THE proven key solution to effective personal, team/group, and organizational change. Our expert speaker will help you understand the nature of adaptability, and show you how two critical dimensions can be developed to advance your efforts. Well share with you the 20 distinguishing capabilities that are required for ongoing, sustainable success.

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Situational Leadership II® & DISC:
Transforming Your Habits Into Winning Leadership Practices

There are a number of practical leadership and management principles and practices that, properly applied, can have a positive impact at any level: organizational, team/work group and individual. Find out how you can be more effective in any situation, and optimize your leadership and managerial talent to produce measurable results. You'll learn:
  • The single most important question to ask to be effective in any situation
  • How to make sure our habits work for, not against you
  • How to apply winning leadership and management principles and practices at any performance level
  • How to optimize your leadership and managerial skills in both people- and task- focused situations
  • How to gain practical, results-producing insights and actions you can immediately put to work for you and your organization
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Hiring and Developing Winners ™
How to Win the Talent War by Hiring and Developing Winners
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While most organizations have less than a 25% success ratio of hiring and developing winners, our proven planning, hiring and development process has resulted in success rates of 75% or higher. Learn the process, and get the hands-on self-development, workgroup development and organizational development tools to secure top performers now, and down the road.
  • Learn why most organizations fail to consistently hire and develop winners, and how our process can dramatically increase your success rate
  • Discover both the financial (productivity, cost reduction, product quality, customer service) and non-financial (greater synergy, high morale, fewer personnel problems) benefits of the Hiring and Developing Winners process
  • Learn to use the unique features of the comprehensive Hiring and Developing Winners toolkit, which will guide you from job analysis to hiring and developing for high on-the-job performance
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Managing By Values®: Achieve All-Win Business Results!

Follow in the footsteps of the "Fortunate 500" Managing By Values® is both a philosophy and a realistic, practical process for clarifying your organization's values, communicating them effectively, and aligning your business practices with them to reach new levels of performance, and an environment in which all key stakeholders benefit. Discover:
  • Why, within the majority of organizations, fewer than 20% of employees consistently act in their company's best interests
  • How to motivate 80% or more of your employees to act in your organization's best interests on a regular basis
  • The four fundamental and timeless principles behind MBV®, and how to apply them
  • The three phases of the practical MBV® process that can be effectively implemented in any organization of any size
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Pathfinder™: The Organization Assessment Survey: A Tool For Powerful Business Results.

Do you know the true state of your organization's health? This powerful set of assessment tools will help you pinpoint areas of strength to build on, and areas of weakness that you can take immediate action to improve. Learn to conduct an in-depth analysis, accurately interpret the results - and take the first steps to meaningful change. Topics include:
  • The key diagnostic questions you can use to determine the true state of your organization's health
  • How to conduct a valid employee organizational assessment survey
  • How to interpret results and conduct in-depth analyses
  • The process of implementing meaningful change based on feedback
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Capitalizing On Your Personal Style, Habits and Talents

There are reasons behind your natural tendencies as well as the practices you've learned and developed over time. Once unmasked, they can be leveraged for greater personal satisfaction and professional performance. Learn powerful techniques for identifying conscious and unconscious motivations, and make them work for you. Discover:
  • The three dimensions that relate to your four primary natural or learned tendencies
  • Why you "do what you do" in terms of your habits, natural tendencies and learned practices
  • How to leverage these habits, tendencies and practices for personal satisfaction and enhanced professional performance
  • How to identify improvement opportunities for optimal personal and professional performance
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How to Quickly Read and Influence People to Get Results

Knowing why people "do what they do" in terms of their habits, natural tendencies and learned practices is an invaluable skill. This eye-opening presentation will show you how to identify any individual's personal style, and develop the ability to accurately "read" people and enhance virtually all of your interpersonal interactions!
  • Learn why people "do what they do" in terms of their habits, natural tendencies, and learned practices
  • Learn how to identify any individual's personal style in less than one minute
  • Learn to use your people-reading skills to become more effective in all areas: managing people, selling, creating high-performance teams and more

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How to Drive Sales & Service with Customer-Smart Solutions

In today's turbulent and unfavorable business environment, cash has become king once again. The quickest way for organizations to generate it is through daily sales and service revenue-generating actions. But the fact that conditions have changed dramatically is an indicator that different actions are required to be more successful. Join us for this interactive Training Industry, Inc. webinar, sponsored by Life Associates, as we provide practical information and advice applicable to any business, of any size, and in any sector. Noted author and consultant Dr. Michael O'Connor will offer solutions to help your salespeople stop limiting their own success and to help your organization connect with untapped revenue generated by service personnel. You (and your organization) can't afford to miss this time-critical, fast-paced and actions-oriented webinar as Dr. O'Connor helps you:

  • Drive sales and service in ways that help you gain and retain customers.
  • Discover a common approach that enables sales and service to minimize their internal turf battles to work together better to more successfully retain and grow customer revenue.
  • Put into action customer-smart solutions that include a variety of proven selling practices.
  • Increase your sales and service personnel's success rate with a range of customer types, beyond the percentages they are typically successful with.
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