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Managing By Values
A commitment to shared values is a commitment to sustained success.
Perhaps more than at any previous time, an organization today must know what it stands for and on what principles it will operate. No longer is values-based organizational behavior an interesting philosophical choice - it is a requisite. -- from Managing By Values
By committing to a common purpose and a core set of values, and aligning all individual, team and organizational decisions and actions with those values, any organization can adopt a way of doing business that is a "win" for all key stakeholders: Customers, Employees, Owners and Significant other stakeholders (CEOS).

Dr. Michael OConnor developed Managing By Values® on the basis of more than 30 years of research and work with organizations. It is described in the best-selling book, Managing By Values, which he co-authored with Dr. Ken Blanchard.

Managing By Values® is both a philosophy and a realistic, practical process for clarifying your organizations values, communicating them effectively, and aligning your business practices with them to reach new levels of performance. This values-aligned approach has resulted in ongoing, stable growth for the many organizations - known as the "Fortunate 500" - that have adopted it.

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Values-based management has been incorporated into the MBA curriculum of the Yale School of Management. The school also published a case study on MBV® and the positive impact it has had at H.O. Penn Machinery Company.