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Educational materials for ongoing learning and development.

The following books and other educational materials are currently available for online ordering through Life Associates and The Center For Managing By Values:

Stepping Stones To Success
$19.95 Just Released 2011!
Co-authors Michael O'Connor, Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Denis Waitley and others

Learn how successful leaders and managers are wired differently and whether it's practical to focus on which is more important for your organization. Dr. O'Connor and his co-authors share their insights on how strengthening our capacity for adaptability, by handling different types of situations, will allow us to successfully meet the challenges we'll encounter as leaders and managers for the survival and success of our organizations. Each of us can overcome obstacles that cause self-sabotage to our success by putting three key practices to use as we increase our awareness levels and become more flexible and continually develop strengths outside our comfort zones.
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GPS for Success: Goals & Proven Strategies
$19.95 Just Released 2011!
Co-authors Michael O'Connor, Stephen Covey, John Gray, Les Brown and others

Sharing profound insights about how we can optimize our personal success in ways that work best for each of us. Life guides designed to help us orient, focus, and achieve our desired destination. In terms of the Personal GPS, this development system and its tools help us gain clarity about 1) where we have been, 2) where we are currently in our lives, 3) where we want to go and what we want to accomplish, and then 4) how to successfully get there. Dr. O'Connor explains the comprehensive, integrated system for understanding the "total person," and how this enables us to have a strong, useable understanding of ourselves and others that is vital for our personal success and satisfaction. GPS for Success explains how this is more crucial now than ever, due to the increasing stresses, demands, pace, and disruptions in our personal and work lives.

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Managing By Values: How to Put Your Values into Action for Extraordinary Results
by Michael O'Connor and Ken Blanchard

In an engaging, personal style, this classic work describes the philosophy of Managing By Values, for which there is widespread proof that if an organization commits to a core set of values and aligns all individual, team and organizational decisions and actions with those values, it can adopt a way of doing business that is a "win" for all key stakeholders - and achieve long-term growth and stability. And because Managing By Values is much more than a philosophy, the book also takes readers through the practical process of defining their values, communicating them, and finally, aligning business practices with them to reach new levels of performance, and join the ranks of the "Fortunate 500."

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The Leader Within: Learning Enough About Yourself to Lead Others
by Michael O'Connor, Drea Zigarmi, Ken Blanchard and Carl Edeburn

Whether you're conscious of it or not, your values, beliefs and personality have the power to drive your success - or your failure. This insightful book explores the elements of leadership and guides you through the process of cultivating them within yourself, on the premise that self-change is a leader's most urgent challenge. Learn to understand how you behave at your key "moments of influence," reinvent what isn't working for you to get better results, and build more effective teams - without compromising your values. Learning about yourself, and liberating your inner strengths, is the key to leading brilliantly.

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The Platinum Rule: Discover the Four Basic Business Personalities and How They Can Lead You to Success
by Michael O'Connor and Tony Alessandra

You know the golden rule. Perhaps you live by it. But when you consider that no two people are alike, and therefore shouldn't be treated alike, it starts to seem rather limiting. Introducing the Platinum Rule: "Do unto others as they'd like done unto them." If you learn to read people more effectively, you can use this powerful rule to succeed in business. The Platinum Rule shows you how, starting with the four dominant behavioral styles. Learn how to identify them, and adapt to the styles (or combinations of the styles) of others to advance, whether in peer groups, management, sales or interactions with other businesses - for Platinum results.

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PeopleSmart: Powerful Techniques for Turning Every Encounter into a Mutual Win
by Michael O'Connor, Tony Alessandra and Janice Van Dyke

Effective interaction with others, whether in business or in your personal life, depends on being aware of your own natural tendencies - and their natural preferences. PeopleSmart provides in-depth profiles of the four major behavioral styles recognized by behavioral scientists, along with easy ways to understand your own style and identify the styles of others. The next step is to learn how to adjust your behavior so that you can adapt to any style (or combination of styles) you encounter, and take charge of your relationships. Get the tools you need to succeed in business and in life through more positive and productive exchanges with others. Get PeopleSmart!

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DISCovering Self and Others Profiler Job Aid
Based on the work of psychologist William Moulton Marston in the 1920s, DISC is a tool used to assess behavior and facilitate interactions among different personality types. In the Profiler Job Aid, you'll find detailed information on each of the four DISC behavioral classifications, along with practical guidance that can be used to:

- Identify personality types by examining behavioral preferences and tendencies

- Understand the behavior and motivations of yourself and others

- Learn how best to relate to, work with, and sell to each personality type

Apply these time-tested concepts to optimize work group performance, inform sales strategies and marketing campaigns, and strengthen interpersonal relations in every area of life!

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